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Tired of being stuck in a body that doesn't move the way you want?

You don't have to put up with tight, stiff muscles and pain or restricted movement but you absolutely must learn how you've adapted to stress and what to do about it

13 - 17 December 2021

7 .00- 8.00 pm Daily

Yes, save me a space!


  • I'm a 'do-er' - when something hurts, I just get on with it. I've learned to ignore my own needs - I really want to get back to being me.

  • I feel misaligned - a little bit twisted. Something is out of balance and I don't feel stable. I know I'm making adaptations but I don't know how to change that.

  • Pigeon pose feels great for my hip while I'm doing it, not so good the next day when I try it again. I realise that isn't the answer to my pain.

  • I feel very compressed, like someone has been hitting me over the head with a hammer! I sometimes wonder if this is it. I don't want to give up on life.

  • I'm a massive great knot with 25,000 knots inside me! I'm only ever aware of my body when I stop. I want to stop feeling like I'm 90!

  • I know how I should be walking and feeling because I've done it and felt it - I know it's still there and I want control back over that. I've tried everything.

If this sounds familiar, your brain may be keeping you stuck in habitual patterns that you have no conscious or voluntary control over. You can learn to change that - not just for now, but for life.

"Fantastic! Easy to follow, bite-size pieces of information - really interesting and enlightening. It gave me confidence learning that I'm not alone in working through dealing with pain, patterns of habit and trauma"

Emily Gervers

Singer & Performer

During this FREE 3-day live retreat, plus 3 bonus days, I'll reveal how to:

Know Yourself:

Deepen your understanding of yourself: - Find out who you really are and how your entire body reflects what has happened to you during your lifetime

Become Conscious:

Identify involuntary habits that could be keeping you stuck in patterns of imbalance, pain, stress, anxiety and restricted movement

Follow A System:

Apply the same simple approach I used to reverse the effects of 15 years of chronic hip pain and continually improve the way I move and feel

"My S.I. joint has finally stopped bothering me and my back pain has gone!"

Beccy Alford

"My body feels more like my friend. There's

more curiosity instead of being so scared by it, and the trust is a like a little snail coming out of it’s house"

Anne Benischek

The FREE Virtual Retreat takes place on Zoom daily

20 - 24 September (Mon-Fri)

7.00-8.00 pm




About your host, Claudine Martin

I'll never forget the day I finally understood why I was still struggling with chronic hip pain after fifteen years of trying 'everything'. I'd been in the field of movement and health for over twenty-five years and there was clearly something missing in what I'd learned. Of course, there were good reasons why what I was doing wasn't working and when I discovered the groundbreaking work of Thomas Hanna - Clinical Somatic Education - everything made sense. His dramatic results were based on two unique abilities of the human sensory-motor system:

  • Unlearn what has been learned

  • Remember what has been forgotten

It sounds simple, and it is! I have taken my personal and professional experience of Clinical Somatic Education and the science of yoga, and developed the Somatic R.E.S.E.T. System - a deeply connected approach to living a freer and more fulfilling life. I can't wait to share it with you!